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About us

The sequence of the Guicciardi houses along the eponymous road takes us back to the sixteenth century. The old maps of the family speak of a Guicciardo, who passed the Alps with Charlemagne in June 773 and "... married in Ponte and took up residence there."

The house overlooking Via Chiuro is the first and main residence of the family.
After 40 years of neglect and decay the current owner, the son of Maria Vittoria Guicciardi, last descendant of the "enrichi", together with his wife Laura, takes care from 1998 to 2000 providing for the rehabilitation and recovery of the property's restoration, with the roof and facades, and the ground floor with two courts, in strict compliance with the original building. During the work the discovery of rich frescoes that crown all the rooms on the first floor. It also restored the old barn, connected by a glorietta to the main body, which becomes a cozy apartment of character.
The restoration and recovery still continue, even with your contribution.

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